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Experienced physiotherapist, administrator and organizational systems designer with a demonstrated history of working in the Health, Wellness & Fitness industry.


Strong professional graduating from Florida International University (1999) with a double degree in Physical Therapy and Health Education.

Presently focusing on musculoskeletal and neurological cases where specialized therapeutic exercise based on the Neurac Method is used to restore function and pain free motion.

Within the field of Ergonomics, extensive knowledge of human biomechanics and occupational movement is applied to assess office and home desk work stations; consequently making on the spot adjustments and recommendations for enhanced comfort and productivity of the user.

Home visits are also part of the offering, specially for those who have difficulty leaving the home environment. Customized programs are tailored to the person's specific environment and functional needs.

Within Healthcare Management, a keen understanding of process and systems,
consultancy may be provided on how to open or upgrade your clinic.

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